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Photo of 19-year-old Iranian who boarded Malaysia Airlines flight #MH370 using stolen passport

March 11, 2014

Twitter / cnbcSri: #Malaysia Immigration DG holds …. click to enlarge:


11 US soldiers Tortured in Vietnam’s worst prison were unbreakable

February 15, 2014

More at link below.

On September 9, 1965, Navy Cmdr. James Bond Stockdale was flying his A-4 Skyhawk on a mission over North Vietnam, just days after the Gulf of Tonkin incident, when his plane took fire and hurtled down. Forced to eject with seconds to spare, he landed with severe...

Research shows online trolls are narcissistic, psychopathic and sadistic

February 15, 2014

Online trolls have serious personality issues such as Machiavellianism, one of the biggest studies into trolling has found.

Researchers say that online commenters display traits that are Narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic and the worse the problems, the longer the person spent online.

via Online trolls really ARE horrible people, researchers find |...

HS cheerleader Kaitlyn Hunt jailed for relationship with female minor steps out with new girlfriend, 27

February 14, 2014

Whatever she is, no doubt Facebook has a designation for it.

The high school cheerleader who was jailed for having sex with her underage girl has found love with an older woman.

Kaitlyn Hunt was 18 when she was arrested last May after the parents of her 14-year-old girlfriend, a fellow student at...

Video: Michael Sam dancing topless in Missouri gay bar before coming out

February 12, 2014

I guess it all depends on what the definition of “out” is. The video is at link below.

Michelle Obama, along with some of the biggest names in the NFL, have also sent congratulatory messages. ‘You’re an inspiration to all of us,’ the first lady wrote to Sam on Twitter.

Footage of NFL hopeful...

From Today’s Headlines: Walmart vs. Wellesley Women, You Be The Judge

February 5, 2014

So, some pervert exposed himself to a woman in a California Walmart, which got him promptly smacked in his manly bits, causing him to flee.

A man pretending to be a Walmart employee exposed himself to a female shopper who “immediately reacted by striking the Suspect in his exposed genitals,” California...

Philip Seymour Hoffman at AA meeting shortly before his death

February 5, 2014

In fact, an AA member told FOX411 he spotted Hoffman at a meeting just about a week before the actor died. The source told us the actor came to an 8:30 p.m. meeting and didn’t appear to be drunk or high.

“[Hoffman told the group] ‘I’m doing OK. Little situation in life....

Online Support Group For Russian LGBT Teens Charged With Violating “Homosexual Propaganda” Law

February 1, 2014

Russian authorities reportedly filed charges on Friday against the head of an online support group for LGBT teens, for violating the law prohibiting “the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships to minors.”

via Online Support Group Charged With Violating “Homosexual Propaganda” Law.

Photo: Ohio biker Bill Standley, 82, buried astride his 1967 Harley

January 31, 2014

Okay, then! Ha. There’s a full set of pics at link below.

The family of an Ohio biker has fulfilled his dying wish by burying him astride his beloved Harley-Davidson in a see-through casket.

Dressed in his leathers and sunglasses, and sitting on top of his 1967 Electra Glide cruiser, Billy Standley, who...

Photo: KY Mother LaRae “Nikki” Watson, 8 Children Found Huddled Together Dead After House Fire

January 31, 2014

When very young, I remember a short set of row houses in my neighborhood burned down, killing three kids I knew, ages ten and under  – all from one family. That was tragic. This is simply horrific.

A fire in the rural Kentucky town of Greenville killed eight children along with their...

Kristy Althaus, Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up ‘stripped of title’ over porn video

January 30, 2014

A teen pageant queen has allegedly been stripped of her title after an adult video of her emerged online.

Kristy Althaus came second in Colorado’s Miss Teen USA competition, but shortly after a porn clip said to be starring the pageant runner-up began to spread, it appears the judges changed their minds.

via ...

FLOTUS Says Sasha, Malia Not Interested When Barry Gets His ‘Butt Kicked’ – “Oh dad, tough luck … where’s my allowance?”

January 30, 2014

The end of 2013 may have been rough going for President Barack Obama, but political strife over Obamacare’s botched rollout and NSA spying didn’t cross over into his family life, according to the first lady.

When Obama got his “butt kicked,” his daughters didn’t offer too much sympathy, Michelle Obama told Ryan...

Rocky Abalsamo spent 20 years sitting by wife’s grave every day dies aged 97

January 28, 2014


When Rocky Abalsamo’s wife died in 1993, part of him died too.

Out of sadness and longing, he would hold vigil by her grave site at St. Joseph Cemetery in West Roxbury all day, every day, rarely eating or drinking and weathering all temperatures and conditions.

Now, over 20 years after his beautiful...

Aww: Twitter reunites 2 year-old Daisy Young with toy rabbit gone missing on shopping trip

January 25, 2014

So cute.

Bunny, Daisy’s constant companion since she was just ten months, vanished from her side on a family shopping trip to the January sales. Daisy’s mother Hayley Sworn only noticed Bunny was missing when they got home. Just how would she break the news to Daisy that the precious gift...

Pug and Veteran: Man in dog shirt poses with dog in man shirt

January 23, 2014

Okay, then!

UPDATE: The man in the photo is Chris Bowser, a war veteran who was struck by a grenade while serving in Iraq in 2003. His nonprofit organization, Heroes Meeting Heroes, aims to give “other wounded soldiers the opportunity to get to meet some of their heroes.”

More via

UT Cop Joshua Boren kills wife, children and mother-in-law before committing suicide

January 17, 2014

This is so tragic. The report claims they were having marriage issues.

Bodies of Joshua Boren, 34, Kelly Boren, 32, Joshua Boren, 7, Haley Boren, 5, and Marie King, 55, discovered at home in Spanish Fork, Utah

A police officer shot dead his wife, two children and mother-in-law before turning the gun on...

Lost Boxer pup Dempsey reunited with family after nine days lost in the cold

January 17, 2014

Aw …

When the Cyrway family of Severn, Md., pulled up at Madison Animal Hospital Friday night shortly before 6, Cyrway jumped from her car and ran to her dog.

And Dempsey — dragging his injured leg and just hours after a surgery extensive enough that the veterinarian feared the reunion would...

Katherine Reddick writes obit for her ‘awful’ mom: ‘I felt such relief she was no longer on the earth’

January 16, 2014

Yeah, that whole forgiveness thing can be highly over-rated!

A woman who wrote a vicious obituary of her late mother that went viral because of its shocking claims of abuse and torture has revealed that she received messages of support from all over world after her harsh words were published last September.


Did I link this already? Men who drink heavily lose memory faster with age

January 15, 2014

We all lose some mental sharpness as we age, but men who drink heavily at midlife can expect a steeper, faster decline in memory and thinking skills a decade down the road, a new study suggests.

via Men who drink heavily lose memories faster with age.

Study: Narcissists Tweet most – self-obsessed, approval seeking behavior

January 10, 2014

We all know someone who tweets about the minute details of their life every 10 minutes and now new research suggests that are displaying narcissistic tendencies.

U.S. researchers claim narcissists tweet more often than others and crave followers on Twitter to meet their need for approval.

They also found that narcissists update their...

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