Faked: Red Hot Chili Peppers Pre-recorded Super Bowl performance

February 5, 2014

I have no idea why this band still gets a gig like this.

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea just gave it away, confirming what everyone already suspected.

The rock group’s halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVIII was pre-recorded. The band’s guitars were not plugged in.

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New Venture to Mine Twitter Data to Find Music’s Next Big Thing

February 2, 2014

For the music business, Twitter holds a vast haystack of data with no easy way to find the most valuable needles — like which acts are attracting the most attention, and where.

To help find them, Twitter has turned to 300, a new company started by Lyor Cohen, one of music’s biggest...

Folk singer Pete Seeger dies at age 94

January 28, 2014

To Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger, the singer/songwriter/activist who died Monday at the age of 94 was “the father of American folk music.

“But Seeger, who popularized This Land Is Your Land and We Shall Overcome and wrote If I Had a Hammer and Turn, Turn, Turn, never liked the term folk music.

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Twerking Party Canceled Over Use Of Martin Luther King, Jr. Image In Promo Material

January 16, 2014

No really….

The owner of a Michigan party space has canceled a “Freedom 2 Twerk” party after the event’s promoter began circulating promotional flyers featuring a Photoshopped image of Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing a large gold chain and medallion and flashing what appears to be a gang sign.

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An Aging Springsteen Tries to Make Christie Look Like A Chump

January 16, 2014

Factually, Christie is more relevant than Springsteen today. I’m not sure he really matters all that much. And I’m no Christie fan. But ….

In hindsight, it’s interesting how in this pic from their meeting, which made Christie wilt, Springsteen seems to be looking right past him. But the copy, in...

Courtney Love’s Libel Trial Over Tweet Inspires Proposed Fix for Twitter Defamation

January 16, 2014

Who knew?

Earlier this week, in Los Angeles Superior Court, the trial between Courtney Love and her former lawyer began. The lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, is suing Love for libel for a June 2010 tweet in which the volatile rocker accused Holmes of being “bought off”—Holmes had refused to help Love bring a...

Update: Not Dead? Country Singer Ray Price Dead At 87

December 15, 2013


Wow, not often you see something like this: USAToday

UPDATE: Reports that Country Music Hall of Famer Ray Price has died appear to be in error. Price’s son Cliff Price wrote of his death on Facebook, but was not at Price’s bedside in Mount Pleasant, Texas, when he posted. Price’s wife, Janie...

Ray Manzarek, Keyboardist And a Doors Founder Dead at 74

May 20, 2013

Ray Manzarek, who as the keyboardist and a songwriter for the Doors helped shape one of the indelible bands of the psychedelic era, died on Monday at a clinic in Rosenheim, Germany. He was 74.

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‘Ghetto tour’ by Bronx bus company sparks outrage: Celebrating decades of urban decay

May 19, 2013

Tourists are crowding onto a Bronx bus tour that promises “a ride through a real New York City ‘GHETTO’ ” — and local politicians are furious.

h/t for the photo and more on the ‘Ghetto Tour’ here.

Question – how is this any different than what this un-talented ass-clown Kanye West is doing? 

Rod-less Stewart: Steroid ‘addiction’ shrank my manhood!

May 15, 2013

He’s 68, not sure the shrinkage thing matters that much at this point. And God bless him if it is still relevant to anything.

He may no longer deserve the name Rod Stewart.

The 68-year-old rocker revealed that while some guys have all the luck — he certainly didn’t after continual steroid use...

Shots Fired, J-Lo rushed to safety, police detain bikini-clad beach goers

May 6, 2013

Well, isn’t that special? I saw the Tweets yesterday and didn’t know what became of it. Now we know … somewhat. More below.

He tweeted: ‘BREAKING: Gunshots fired on Fort Lauderdale Beach DURING my JLo interview. No kidding. Security scrambled her away.’

He added: ‘Can hear & see ambulances converging ~400 yards...

Singer Lauryn Hill faces tax evasion sentencing

May 6, 2013


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill is facing sentencing Monday in New Jersey on federal tax charges.

Hill pleaded guilty last year to not paying federal taxes on $1.8 million earned from 2005 to 2007. A judge two weeks ago said Hill had paid only about $50,000 of more than...

Oof: Rolling Stones slash ticket prices to fill venues for 50 and Counting tour

May 5, 2013

Maybe it’s time to just stay home and keep counting the money, guys.

The Rolling Stones rocked a packed house in Los Angeles on Friday on the opening night of their North American 50 and Counting tour, but only after websites slashed ticket prices and the band released additional cheap...

Female rapper blames fan girl as rapper Danny Brown Gets Oral Sex On Stage

May 1, 2013

h/t Drudge If you read down in the story you discover the rapper’s female tourmate blames the female fan. What’s a guy to do?

Concert opener Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) took to Tumblr to pen her take on the incident, which, according to her, did in fact happen. She called it...

Mountain Dew Ads Yanked After Racist Charges

May 1, 2013

Geesh. There’s more and more than enough detail at link – of this and other related issues. Fortunately, I’ve never heard of any of them – seems to be mostly music and MTV-related nonsense.

Tyler, The Creator’s Mountain Dew Ads Yanked After Racist Charges
Company apologizes and takes ‘full responsibility’ after writer dubs...

RIP: Country music’s George Jones, 81

April 26, 2013

George Jones … the country music megastar whose heartfelt vocals and close-to-home lyrics defined the genre for generations  … died today.  He was 81.

Jones was hospitalized in Nashville Thursday for a fever and irregular blood pressure, though the cause of death was not immediately released.

Jones was in the middle of a...

Video: British middle-aged wives perform “Sexy Housewives Gangnam Christmas Special” to raise $ for breast cancer research

December 21, 2012

Well, it’s for a good cause!

… a group of British middle-aged wives and mothers have come together to perform a parody of the song titled “Sexy Housewives Gangnam Christmas Special.” The women hope to raise money for breast cancer research and have created a JustGiving website that already has collected more...

Video: At Victoria Soto’s funeral, Paul Simon sang ‘The Sound of Silence’, favorite song of teacher who shielded students from Adam Lanza’s bullets

December 20, 2012

Business Insider, December 16: “The next classroom down the hall was Victoria Soto’s. Soto hid all of her students in the closet and remained in the classroom to talk to Lanza. She told him that her students were in an auditorium at the other end of the school. At that...

Kid Rock to introduce Congressman Paul Ryan at Oakland University

October 8, 2012

Cool. But shouldn’t be surprising. Here’s an item from August. Hence the image.

Now the latest.

A week after saying he would “probably” vote for the GOP ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the choice for Detroit rocker Kid Rock seems pretty clear.

A press release today said Kid Rock will “appear and introduce”...

The Thrill Is Gone: Obama versus a black man with skillz

October 8, 2012

I could be completely wrong on this Politico item, I have been before. Still, it isn’t 2008 and Obama isn’t coming out of nowhere to capture the national political spotlight as some new breed of politician. He over-promised and he has under-performed.

He’s been in office almost four years, his record is...