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Cue the Outrage Mongers: AmSpec – Michelle Malkin Is Wrong

March 28, 2014

Right-wing harpies are as, if not more annoying than the Left-wing strain due to their hypocrisy. And Twitchy often leads the pack when it comes to being the Twitter outrage police.

This PC speech police nonsense is particularly sad to see on the Right. One can’t hypocritically claim the 2nd...

Dateline 4/11/2007: Why Chris Hayes was “quietly crying” into his sweater

March 18, 2014

Okay so we know this happened:

h/t  The Daily Caller. But what triggered it?

Hm…. via Wiki here are the day’s key events.

April 11, 2007 (Wednesday).

Is Erick Erickson A Fool, or Brain Damaged?

February 12, 2014

Via the Daily Caller: via ‘Shameless whores': Erick Erickson explodes over media’s indifference to Obama’s overreach | The Daily Caller.

One week Erick Erickson is a self-professed, high-minded moralist attempting to lecture women on abortion law; the next he’s trolling the gutter with references to whores, erections and making “cocktail” puns. And the worst...

Althouse, Dowd and Christie walk into a bar with a strap on ….

January 12, 2014

Did you ever hear the one about Ann Althouse, Maureen Dowd and Chris Christie walking into a bar with a strap on…? If not, it’s right here! Althouse: Describing what Chris Christie did to his deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly, Maureen Dowd adopts a “sly” sexual metaphor..

But has Dowd been...

Dylan Byers and Brad Dayspring: Two Sides Of the Same Counterfeit Coin

January 9, 2014

Just as we can scratch competent communications director from Brad Dayspring’s resume, Politico’s Dylan Byers makes it clear thinking, let alone reporting, is not his forte with this bit of tripe. I’m wondering what exactly was the point of it –  a ploy for traffic, perhaps? Byers’ item only creates more...

Mediaite’s Jon Nicosia aka Zachary Hildreth, a convicted felon

January 7, 2014

AJ McCarron’s mom Tweets: Is Jameis Winston speaking English in postgame interview

January 7, 2014

AJ McCarron’s mom, Dee Dee Bonner, made it no secret she was rooting for Auburn in Monday night’s BCS National Championship and she had some not-so-kind words for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston as he delivered his postgame speech.

via AJ McCarron’s mother asks if Jameis Winston is speaking English during his...

Facebook bans conservative Steven Crowder’s video for ‘hate speech’

July 3, 2013

Comedian Steven Crowder’s video making fun of the witness in the George Zimmerman trial was recently banned by Facebook due to a violation of the site’s “hate speech” policy.

via Facebook bans conservative comedian’s video for ‘hate speech’.

Poor Conor (with one N) Friedersdorf, He Doesn’t Has Any Fwiends

June 3, 2013

The main focus of this item by house whipping boy young Conor (with one N) Friedersdorf is that Roger Ailes pulled barking dog Billbo O’Reilly’s chain after he yipped at Rush Limbaugh’s heels and Billbo did what a good poodle does, he sat down and shut up. I’ll leave...

Durbin not sure bloggers should be protected by “media shield law”

May 26, 2013

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said that it was too early to call for a special counsel to look into the Justice Department’s monitoring of journalists.

Instead, Durbin said he backed a “media shield law,” but was not sure if such a law would protect...

Alleged Twit-and-Run Driver Emma Way Brags on Twitter, Joins Other ‘Crime-Braggers’

May 22, 2013

No, really? But some of the other cases are even worse. I mean, all cute little Emma Way here did was knock down someone on a bike. She didn’t behead him, or anything.

The criminal mind can be cunningly brilliant—or stunningly foolish. You can safely put Emma Way of the U.K. into...

Teens flocking to Twitter, ‘too many adults’ on Facebook

May 22, 2013

Really ….

Twitter is booming as a social media destination for teenagers who complain about too many adults and too much drama on Facebook, according to a new study published Tuesday about online behavior. It said teens are sharing more personal information about themselves even as they try to protect their...

I Killed Breitbart: The Kickstarter Campaign by Chris Faraone

May 20, 2013

So, this pathetic ass Chris Faraone wants to raise money for a book and appears to be bragging that he killed Andrew Breitbart? Have at him.

A book about indicting right-wing demagogues and causing conservative consternation. (more…)

Wash Times: Dan Riehl on the political blogosphere, libertarianism, and much more

May 9, 2013

The Washington Times was kind enough to invite me to do a basic Q&A on blogging, etc…. I imagine they have done others, or will be doing them.

Check it out. Opinions are like … well, you get the drift.  At link below – some of mine.

The political blogosphere has grown...

Politico’s Ken Vogel gets the “Get Rush Limbaugh” memo

May 9, 2013

Just noticed an interesting Tweet from Politico’s Ken Vogel. It’s pretty clear that it’s open season on Rush Limbaugh right now, despite his solid position. It’s also clear that this relative pissant Ken Vogel got the memo and is doing his pathetic duty as a water carrier for today’s Left. Tell me...

Consider the Source: Radio Advertisers Want No Rush Or Hannity

May 9, 2013

This Business Insider item links to HuffPo which has an interesting, though not fully disclosed, item in its piece.

Good morning,  AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

A high ranking source at Cumulus radio told the Radio Ink that 48 out of 50 advertisers gave orders to exclude “Rush and Hannity” from their...

Palin on Internet Sales Tax: Taxed Enough Already!

May 7, 2013

Via Facebook. Funny for all the media criticism of Palin, they forever fail to mention the fact that she uses new media to go around their filter and mostly always has – even when still with Fox.

If a liberal Democrat did that, it’d be brilliant and … news!! More at...

Is Twitter ready to be a true news operation? It Plans To Be

May 6, 2013


“You will be responsible for devising and executing the strategies that make Twitter indispensable to newsrooms and journalists, as well as an essential part of the operations and strategy of news organizations and TV news networks. You should have a strong vision for the broad potential of Twitter and news, while...

Does Liberal Activist Bill Talley Have a Problem?

May 5, 2013

No idea what to make of this. Or, if this is related: APPLICATION of APPELLANT, WILLIAM TALLEY

William “Bill” Talley aka @Political_Bill on Twitter (pictured) is a convicted sex offender who has managed to delay going to prison through evidentiary appeals. During that time, he has emerged as a progressive voice on...

World Press Freedom Day: Bloggers reflect

May 3, 2013

And so they do at link below.

Juanita Leon is a journalist and writer who blogs for the news website she founded – La Silla Vacia (The Empty Chair).

I have a blog about politics in Colombia. I blog because I like the freedom provided by the internet to investigate and write...

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