Cosmonaut snaps extraordinary image of Mt. Everest

December 12, 2012

Many have looked up at Mt. Everest, in awe at its height and majesty as the world’s tallest peak, one that is attainable by mountaineers but only at great risk. But only a handful of people have looked down upon the Himalayan giant from the International Space Station, and they’ve found...

Video: Big marlin freaks, jumps in boat, starts hunting fishermen of Australia

October 18, 2012

Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you.

Landing a large marlin can be an exciting chore, but it can also be dangerous, as the crew aboard the Little Audrey discovered recently while fighting a 600-pound black marlin off Cairns, Australia. The accompanying footage–shown from several camera...

Iowa Jeweler: Buy A Wedding Ring, Get a free Remington 870 hunting rifle

October 18, 2012

Just in time for deer season!

An Eastern Iowa jeweler is offering guns to customers who buy an engagement ring before the end of the month. On Thursday Jewelery By Harold, in North Liberty, will kick off the first “buy her a diamond and receive a free hunting riffle.”

“Fun is more important...

Video: Winter hits Hawaii with 50-foot surf

October 13, 2012

While skiers and snowboarders are waiting breathlessly for a new winter to arrive, those who get to feel it first are actually surfers in Hawaii, and if you ask them, theyll be the first to tell you winter arrived with a bang on Tuesday, as 50-foot swells generated from the first...

Usually not seen Oarfish washes up on Cabo San Lucas beach

October 12, 2012

Take a gander while you can. They live deep and are rarely see: via Bizarre-looking oarfish washes ashore.

… in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, another bizarre find was made Friday: that of an oarfish, which washed ashore on bustling Medano Beach, which features a view of the end of the Baja...

Photo: 30-foot finback whale found dead in Boston Harbor

October 7, 2012

Massive creatures.

Coast Guard officials say a 30-foot finback whale has been found dead, floating in Boston Harbor.

Authorities don’t know the cause of death. More via 30-foot finback whale found dead.

Urban coyotes suggest larger carnivores are on their way

October 7, 2012

Out: Urban Cowboy In: Urban Coyote

To say nothing of the animals running loose in Detroit, these days.

An Ohio State researcher “found the smallest known coyote territory ever discovered. Approximately five miles from Chicago O’Hare International Airport….” Apparently they’ve been living there for over six years in a space...

Video: Do ducks take to water? Um … No: Rescued from hoarder, ducks discover water for first time

October 5, 2012

Actually, it is a very cool video, especially if you’re fond of animals – including wildlife.

Video below via Grist:

Watch rescued ducks discover the water for the first time in this heartwarming video — Image via Shutterstock.



Oof! Mugshot: Daryl Hannah Arrested for protesting the Keystone XL Pipeline

October 5, 2012

And she used to be so … well, you know!  Also, a video report below. (more…)

Leopard ambushes Impala in pretty amazing video

October 4, 2012

Just watch it. You may be as surprised as an Impala about 30 seconds in. But watch the run up and check out the Leopard if you can – without seeing it pounce, first, then re-winding. (more…)

A must see Video: Deer takes out skateboarder at high-speed during downhill event in Colorado

October 1, 2012

Check out the clip below of a deer taking out a skateboarder at high speed. Seriously, deer shouldn’t let deer run drunk. They were both okay. (more…)

High-Speed Video: Glock 22 fired underwater

September 29, 2012

h/t Mail Online – with more images.

Firearm aficionado Andrew Tuohy has filmed himself firing a range of weapons, but never before underwater. The gun expert has posted a series of images, as well as a video, to his blog Vuurwapen to show the different effect each gun has in his swimming pool. After...

Sharpshooters take out Wolf pack that killed cattle, government environmentalist idiots weep

September 28, 2012

Good grief. If these sniveling idiots were around at the founding of America, the nation would have never been created, or of had a chance if it were. (more…)

Not what you think it is: Swimming pools starting to go au naturel

September 27, 2012

Just the thing to drown an environmentalist in!

 Jeff Steinberg’s backyard oasis has a luxury pool with a walk-in beach, an integrated hot tub and a stream with local river rocks. But there’s something it doesn’t have: chlorine.

His natural swimming pool in Princeton, N.J., uses plants in an adjacent area to...

Stingray Photo: Say hello to my little Stingray, er, … friend

September 27, 2012

Via Yahoo News. Stingray photo via BuzzFeed.

“Come kiss a stingray with us this year!” an offer on boat charter service ...

This sux: With monstrous tuna, fisherman sees giant payday slip away

September 26, 2012

Via GrindTV.com.

Imagine Ivan Regular’s surprise when he hauled in his herring net and discovered that it contained a monstrous bluefin tuna that might have been worth a small fortune on the Japanese market … only to learn that he had to throw the whopper back.

Rare: Rescued 655-pound sea turtle released off Cape Cod

September 23, 2012

This guy’s been released. The backstory below.

Via the New England Aquarium with more info and pics.

Aquarium biologists and veterinarians are working overnight and constantly monitoring the giant turtle in the hopes of trying to save it but are also hoping to learn more about leatherbacks first hand in this very, very rare opportunity. The...

Potential world record tuna could be $1-million fish

September 19, 2012

That’s a hell of a fish. Tuna anyone?

Guy Yocom and his group of anglers had seen a few large tuna leaping among dolphins, but did not know how large they were until Yocom hooked and landed one Tuesday off Cabo San Lucas. The behemoth weighed 421 pounds on one certified...

Nanny State Watch: TX Mom Tammy Cooper sues police, neighbor after arrest for kids playing outside

September 19, 2012

The family moved to a cul de sac so their kids could play outside safely. I guess they weren’t counting on nosy neighbors and the local PD.

Allowing your kids to play on scooters outside the house on a quiet street seems innocent–and common–enough. But a Texas mom was arrested and spent the...

Stranded at sea 106 days, fisherman Toakai Teitoi says shark led him to safety

September 17, 2012

Good thing the Shark was better fed when they met than this dude was. That could have gotten messy.

Days and weeks passed, however, and Teitoi, a father of six, did not know whether he’d live or die. He subsisted mostly on fish and protected himself against the searing tropical sun by...

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