Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin weighs in after Paul Ryan VP Selection via Facebook

August 12, 2012

What she does is take it to Obama on a host of issues, more than anything:

Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. President Obama has declared that this election is about “two fundamentally different visions” for America. Goodness, he’s got that right. Our...

The Washington Post’s War On Women And Sarah Palin

August 7, 2012

Hmm. Freelance writer and Washington Post contributor to their "She the People" feature Diana Reese drips with condescension all over Sarah Palin.

What to make of this, other than, it's not okay to be sexist but it's Sarah Palin, so I will be?

"When Palin took to the makeshift stage in the...

Huck Brings The Suck To Talk Radio, And Then It Gets Worse

June 23, 2012

I still haven't figured how how, or why anyone ever took this gambit seriously. The same goes for Geraldo. But Huckabee as the future of conservative talk radio? In someone's dreams, or nightmares, maybe. But that's about it. I already said I didn't get it and also pointed out the scam...

“Game Change” And Sandra Fluke Share Obama-Connected PR Firm

March 13, 2012

Fishbowl DC reported it on March 9th but didn't point out the Fluke connection. Not their thing, I guess. Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller puts the pieces together.

Last week Fox News host Bill O’Reilly revealed that Georgetown Law student and contraception advocate Sandra Fluke, perhaps known for her ill-advised...

Sarah Palin Does It Again With Civil War Reference

March 10, 2012

This is classic Sarah Palin. I'd wager people would be surprised to learn that progressive Obama czarist Cass Suntein agrees with her on this growing flap because Palin had the audacity to invoke the Civil War in reference to Derrick Bell. I reached the same conclusion myself studying Bell. Cass...

Sarah Palin dazzles CNN poobahs

March 6, 2012

"If there's one particular issue that breaks the camel's back with respect to this election, that is the issue of Obamacare," says Oklahoma primary winner Rick Santorum this evening, addressing supporters in his neck-and-neck Ohio victory speech. "Once the government has control of your life, then they've got you." (Getty images)

By Sissy...

Amazing Grace: Is Rick Santorum the new Sarah Palin?

January 5, 2012

"I believe in free people and free markets," Rick Santorum told a spirited and well-informed town hall audience last night in Brentwood, a few miles down the road from our hometown, Exeter, New Hampshire. We caught the event in C-SPAN reruns this morning and were struck once again at the disconnect between old-media...

Prescient Quotes For 2012

October 8, 2011

Rather than sum up my current thinking on 2012 based upon instinct and analysis – not  much in the mood to review the candidates real, or perceived, shortcomings and logisitcal  challenges – I'll sum it up with three short quotes, while hoping my thoughts change, somehow. I'm more than...

As For The Losers Dumping On Sarah Palin

October 7, 2011

I'm not going to link any more of the posts pushing back against some of the Anti-Palin-obsessed schmucks on the Right being emailed to me because it's time for the adults to get beyond it. However, the topic did come up while talking with a friend within the movement today.

I would...

Perry Statement On Palin, Also Gary Kirke Endorses Gov. Rick Perry for President

October 5, 2011

And the beat goes on.

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today received the endorsement of Iowa business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist Gary Kirke in his campaign for President.

Also, Perry's statement on Palin's decision.

“Sarah Palin is a good friend, a great American and a true patriot. I respect her decision and know she...

Sarah Palin Not Running

October 5, 2011

Text and audio at link. Also, Professor Jacobson updates with some  early reactions.

Mark Levin just read a statement from Sarah Palin that details her decision not to run for president. He is now interviewing her and I will have audio of the statement and the interview with Sarah Palin as...

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Path To The WH For Sarah Palin

October 4, 2011

For what purpose:

Indeed. There remain many unknowns; however, if one can't envision a path to the White House for Sarah Palin as things stand, I'd suggest you aren't thinking creatively enough. Nor is this a prediction that it will in fact happen. But it can.

Ken Vogel and I both have...

Joe McGinniss Jumps The Shark With Palin Book

September 21, 2011

One of the memes McGinniss and the Left would like to push is that former Governor Sarah Palin is driven by self-interest and ulterior motives. Perhaps it's time people begin thinking of Joe McGinniss in that context. Given so much media condemnation of his latest  attempted sliming of Palin, perhaps it's...

“It was one of those great, only-in-America Judeo-Christian moments”

September 21, 2011

"You've got to believe you are here for a reason," Senator Joe Lieberman told Sarah Palin back in the fall of 2008 when she was losing her bearings in the tense, over-scripted days leading up to her vice presidential debate with Senator Joe Biden.

By Sissy Willis of sisu

"It was one of...

Daily Caller’s Matt Boyle Must Be Dumb As Snot

September 17, 2011

After what the Daily Caller just got caught doing to Palin with an editor then putting up a lying statement to try and sweep it under the rug, this dumb ass Matthew Boyle from Daily Caller comes at me with this on Twitter. LMAO. Well, at least we know Carlson didn't...

Daily Caller Runs For Cover Over Vile Palin Smear, Threatens Blogger With Lawsuit For Exposing It

September 17, 2011

Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller and staff writer Jeff Poor are desperately trying to backtrack from a vile and pathetic smear of a Mother to several young children and the nation's most prominent Republican woman, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Poor, now aided by Caller staffer Matt Lewis have also issued a...

Daily Caller’s And Jeff Poor’s Disgraceful Judgment With Palin Smear

September 17, 2011

For some twisted reason, Tucker Carlson's pathetic Daily Caller with the help of Jeff Poor found a radio interview with Mike Tyson talking about Sarah Palin important enough to make their website. What is it with these sad little Beltway bois? Are they simply misogynistic and unable to pass up an...

RedState’s Increasingly Unhinged Palin Dementia

September 14, 2011

I have no problem stating what I've always understood to be the conventional grassroots blogger wisdom when it comes to RedState, it's the single most over-rated allegedly grassroots conservative blog, made that only by its DC connections and a PR campaign. Unfortunately, lately it's been going to extremes to...

Sarah Palin: The Tea Party is real winner of the debate

September 13, 2011

“I was very pleased with this debate, and, you know, very excited about the validation of the Tea Party movement,” Sarah Palin told Greta Van Susteren last night in a meaty analysis of the CNN/TeaPartyExpress debate that echoed our own take and set our woman-up, fight-like-a-girl heart on fire. Listen to ...

Rick Perry: “Galileo got outvoted for a spell”

September 8, 2011


As a Palinista from day one, we're still "undecided," but we loved this from Texas Governor Rick Perry (above) at last night's GOP primary debate: "Galileo got outvoted for a spell … Find out what the science truly is before you start putting the American economy in jeapordy." This morning irony-challenged...

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