Video: Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl commercial wins America’s heart

February 1, 2014

Cute. YouTube video below.

The Puppy Bowl is usually the cutest thing to watch on Super Bowl Sunday, but this year, a Budweiser commercial may have taken that honor. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial, about a puppy and a Clydesdale who have an unbreakable bond, has gone viral in the days...

Slow Bark – CarMax “Puppy Version” of Big Game Commercial 2014

January 28, 2014

More ads at link below.

Super Bowl marketers are kicking into high gear this week. With just days to go before the big game, advertisers are looking to capitalize on heightened interest in the ad spots by releasing their commercials ahead of time and using teasers as a way to draw...

Swearing Omaha toddler in thug video taken into protective custody, Police Union under fire

January 9, 2014

The video below is reprehensible and difficult to watch; however, what good does it do to pretend this kind of thing doesn’t exist? And broadly, at that, whether we like to admit it, or not.

Now, it appears the police union that posted it may be in more trouble than any...

Video: Drunk? Woman Falls Asleep, Goes Under Train – Walks Away

July 3, 2013

Video at link below. Wow! They say God watches out for fools, drunks and children. Someone was certainly watching out for this woman, that’s for sure. She should be dead after this, not walking away.

A woman miraculously survived after falling asleep while stood on a subway station and tumbling under an...

Woolwich attack: Video of Terrorists Being Shot While charging police car

May 23, 2013

Video of the Woolwich terrorists charging the police and being shot down below the fold.

This is the moment two terrorists who butchered soldier Lee Rigby also tried to kill a hero woman cop who was first on the scene of the carnage.

Shocking footage obtained by the Daily Mirror shows how the...

IRS Low-level Employee Meme Falling Apart? Was Cindy Thomas giving orders? FOX19 Cincinnati Names Names

May 21, 2013

Ooo, goody. Names to research and news video to watch below. Bonus! ; )

Thanks to two FOX19 sources connected to the IRS, we now understand the chain of command for these workers.

Mitchel Steele, Carly Young, Joseph Herr and Liz Hofacre are IRS agents.  Stephen Seok is a supervisor IRS agent.


Phila. Ex-Con Job Fair “Madhouse,” Cancelled For Crowd Size, Yet Officials Claim Unemployment Way Down

May 19, 2013

How much fail can one government event to help people find jobs have?  This much according to NBC10 in Phila: Job Fair “Madhouse” Dissapoints Many- Unofficial job fair draws thousands  The people were ex-offenders n this case, something Philadelphia apparently has too many of, along with their being un-employed. How’s that for a...

Empty Chair? Dan Pfeiffer: ‘Irrelevant’ Where Barry Was During Benghazi, “Offensive” To Even Ask

May 19, 2013

So, where was Obama on the night of the Benghazi attack and why is it “offensive” to ask, … that according to Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer. Video below. Is Clint’s empty chair coming back to bite Barry on the ass? Could be. Could be. Ha!

Asked about whether the president entered the...

Video: Sparks Fly as US Airways/Piedmont Airlines flight 4560 forced into belly landing at Newark Airport

May 18, 2013

Wow! Some real life drama when a US Airways flight was forced into a belly landing due to a landing gear failure.

A US Airways flight with 34 people aboard was forced to make a dramatic belly landing at Newark International Airport last night.

Terrified passengers managed to escape the plane unharmed...

Video: A ‘Chug’ (Pug – Chihuahua Mix) Cries Watching ‘The Lion King’

May 18, 2013

Almost looks like it’s something of a set up and it may be. But it’s very well done and – hey – it features a cute dog, so how bad can it be?

A dog has been caught weeping after watching an emotional scene from the Disney classic, The Lion King. The chug,...

Video: ‘Touch His Freakin’ Heart,’ Student Rants at Teacher in Viral Video

May 11, 2013

Certain to attract attention but I suspect there’s a bit more to it than one gone viral video. Face it, the kid isn’t exactly a model of intellectualism. Listen to the whole thing.

ABC News’ Stephanie Mendez and Lawrence Dechant report:

A Texas high school student’s rant against his teacher has gone...

Graphic Video of extended deadly Miami shootout, wounds detective, kills suspect

May 10, 2013

Click photo to enlarge. The video gets worse; or better, depending on your sensibilities.

There are actually two different CCTV videos that capture the gun play from different angles.

The images are stunningly clear, the sort rarely ever captured on video: A gunman pops out of a parked BMW, surprising Miami-Dade narcotics detectives...

Video: Boehner – More Benghazi hearings on way and more information

May 9, 2013

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday did a “fabulous job” examining Benghazi “whistleblowers,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters Thursday – but GOP attempts to piece together a chronological timeline of what transpired within the administration following the attack last Sept. 11 at a U.S. consulate in Libya, he...

Video: Oof! LA City Gov hoisted with it’s own PC petard and taxpayer $

May 9, 2013

Yeah, this one’s going to leave a mark. lol Your tax dollars at work, Los Angeles.

CBS Los Angeles has dug up a controversial video in which a white man puts on a kimono and paints his face white like a geisha, speaking in an exaggerated stereotype of a Japanese accent. The...

Why nice guys and Mitt Romney finish last: The RNC Benghazi Attack Ad that Never Ran

May 9, 2013

It was the Benghazi attack ad the Republican National Committee created but never aired.

ABC News has obtained an ad the RNC made last fall and approved to air in the final weeks of the presidential campaign.

The ad begins with a replay of Hillary Clinton’s famous “3 a.m. phone call” commercial...

Video: Graphic High School Beatdown With Chairs Leads to 5 Arrests

May 9, 2013

h/t The Blaze – link below.

“It was like the devil was in there.”

That’s how the dad of a 16-year-old Philadelphia high school student who was brutally beaten, including with chairs, described what happened Tuesday to his son. And now, five of the attackers involved have been arrested and charged.

via See the...

Video: ‘Sea monster’ carcass washes ashore in New Zealand

May 8, 2013

Invariably neat to see and eventually explained, somehow. But still cool!

A bizarre-looking carcass washed ashore recently on a New Zealand beach, fueling speculation that it was some sort of sea monster.

This is because the head and teeth of the deteriorated corpse resembled that of something ferocious and prehistoric, while the...

Video: Rep. Ann Wagner Honors Chip Gerdes on House Floor

May 7, 2013

Always classy Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) honored conservative activist Chip Gerdes this afternoon on the US House floor.

What a wonderful dedication to a true America patriot.

via The Gateway Pundit.

Police search for Ruby Zavala, 14, allegedly kidnapped by ‘obsessed’ Jesus Ramirez, 23

May 6, 2013

The reports don’t sound very good on this one. Fourteen year-old Ruby Zavala was taken by knife point by Jesus Ramirez on Sunday night. There’s a report here. The following video and an additional report at link below.

Texas police are getting help from the FBI and other agencies to follow...

Video: Mako shark attacks 600-pound swordfish fisherman was fighting

May 4, 2013

Pretty intense video at some points. Mother Nature in all her glory.

A TV fishing host in New Zealand was pulling in an estimated 600-pound swordfish when suddenly an even bigger mako shark happened on the scene and started to attack the swordfish. At first, fishing host Matt Watson of “The Ultimate...

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