#GamerGate, Call the FBI?

November 15, 2014

I haven’t followed this closely but this seems a bit much. But then, what to expect from “an economist and criminologist” writing at HuffPo. (eyeroll)

John Roman, Ph.D. – Senior Fellow, Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute “… from the outside, the #GamerGate movement appears to be about a fear that violent...

Dateline 4/11/2007: Why Chris Hayes was “quietly crying” into his sweater

March 18, 2014

Okay so we know this happened:

h/t  The Daily Caller. But what triggered it?

Hm…. via Wiki here are the day’s key events.

April 11, 2007 (Wednesday).

Iowa Dad Stan Syring, 37 Busted For Craigslist Offer to Suck the Chrome Off A Trailer Hitch

March 14, 2014

Well, come on, the headline isn’t that far fetched given the circumstances! Stan was ultimately busted for prostitution. More at link below.

The Craigslist post by Syring, a married, 37-year-old father, noted that the boat trailer was needed “asap,” and that the poster “will trade for sex if need be.”

After Marion Police...

Kickstarter Hacked: Credit Cards Safe, Passwords Stolen

February 15, 2014

Data breach fatigue is setting in and it’s only February. Kickstarter is the latest high-profile site to be hacked.

Law enforcement authorities informed Kickstarter of the breach on Feb. 12, and Kickstarter immediately closed the vulnerability that allowed the attackers through, Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter’s CEO, wrote on a blog post and in an...

Research shows online trolls are narcissistic, psychopathic and sadistic

February 15, 2014

Online trolls have serious personality issues such as Machiavellianism, one of the biggest studies into trolling has found.

Researchers say that online commenters display traits that are Narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic and the worse the problems, the longer the person spent online.

via Online trolls really ARE horrible people, researchers find |...

Twitter’s Growth Stalls as CEO Vows to Fix Slowdown

February 6, 2014

Twitter Inc. (TWTR:US), the microblogging service that amassed more than 200 million users in seven years and is now struggling to widen its audience as quickly, tumbled as much as 24 percent in its worst-ever intraday decline.

The drop came after the San Francisco-based social network yesterday posted its first earnings report...

Scam: Don’t return calls from these area codes

February 3, 2014

A scam that repeats itself in modified forms every few years is once again spreading throughout the United Sates. Don’t be a victim!

Criminals target people simply by calling them. Intended victims receive a call on their phones from area code 473 which rings once and then disconnects, thereby arousing the call-recipient’s...

New Record For 2014: Hashtags Mentioned In 57% Of Super Bowl Ads

February 3, 2014

Hashtags were used in 57 percent of nationally-run Super Bowl ads, up from 50% in 2013 and setting a new record. Facebook was the social network most mentioned, though barely. It had only five mentions and just edged past Twitter with four.

via New Record For 2014: Hashtags Mentioned In 57% Of...

Official Google Blog: Shedding some light on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) requests

February 3, 2014

We believe the public deserves to know the full extent to which governments request user information from Google. That’s why for the past four years we’ve shared and continuously expanded and updated information about government requests for user information in our Transparency Report.

via Official Blog: Shedding some light on Foreign Intelligence...

New Venture to Mine Twitter Data to Find Music’s Next Big Thing

February 2, 2014

For the music business, Twitter holds a vast haystack of data with no easy way to find the most valuable needles — like which acts are attracting the most attention, and where.

To help find them, Twitter has turned to 300, a new company started by Lyor Cohen, one of music’s biggest...

Online Support Group For Russian LGBT Teens Charged With Violating “Homosexual Propaganda” Law

February 1, 2014

Russian authorities reportedly filed charges on Friday against the head of an online support group for LGBT teens, for violating the law prohibiting “the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships to minors.”

via Online Support Group Charged With Violating “Homosexual Propaganda” Law.

Twitter Commerce? Mock-up shows ability to make purchases from tweets

February 1, 2014


Twitter is getting serious about commerce on its service. So much so that it looks as though soon you’ll be able to buy goods for sale directly from a tweet.

The microblogging service is close to finalizing a deal with payment services company Stripe, which would likely handle the back-end processing for...

Hoaxing a hacker: ‘Honeypot passwords’ may keep online accounts safe

January 31, 2014

More at link below:

Researchers have unveiled a radical new way to secure passwords – and say fooling hackers is key.

The new honey encryption system relies on tricking cybercriminals. It gives hackers fake data in response to incorrect password guesses, fooling the hacker repeatedly.

via How to hoax a hacker: Mail Online.

MSNBC Fires Employee Responsible for Cheerios Tweet

January 30, 2014

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, MSNBC president Phil Griffin called the Tweet “outrageous and unacceptable.”

“We immediately acknowledged that it was offensive and wrong, apologized, and deleted it,” the statement continued. “We have dismissed the person responsible for the tweet.

I personally apologize to Mr. Priebus and to everyone offended. At...

Post-Handoff AOL’s Patch Lays Off “most” of its employees

January 29, 2014

Hale Global, the firm that took Patch off AOL’s hands two weeks ago, describes itself as “an investment holding company…for special situations.” Just what does that mean? Apparently, the same thing as the “transition specialist,” the job title of George Clooney’s character in “Up In The Air.”

Having waited a decent interval,...

Identity thieves gear up to steal your tax refund

January 18, 2014

What’s worse than filing your taxes? Having an identity thief steal your return check.

Identity theft is already a serious problem — the No. 1 complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, and tax-related identity theft is a growing part of this crime spree. In 2010, about 15 percent of all identity theft...

6 More Stores Attacked By Same Hack As Target

January 17, 2014

BOSTON, Jan 17 Reuters – The cyber security firm IntelCrawler said on Friday it has uncovered at least six ongoing attacks at merchants across the United States whose credit card processing systems are infected with the same type of malicious software used to steal data from some 40 million credit...

So much fail! Phone thieves inadvertently ‘Dropbox’ porn and nude selfies???

January 16, 2014

Basically, what looks to have happened here is, the couple in the photos somehow got their, um, hands on a pick-pocketed cell phone set to auto send pics to Dropbox. So, when they started taking nude selfies – and perhaps some homemade porn – they went up on Dropbox. Then, the...

Courtney Love’s Libel Trial Over Tweet Inspires Proposed Fix for Twitter Defamation

January 16, 2014

Who knew?

Earlier this week, in Los Angeles Superior Court, the trial between Courtney Love and her former lawyer began. The lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, is suing Love for libel for a June 2010 tweet in which the volatile rocker accused Holmes of being “bought off”—Holmes had refused to help Love bring a...

Report: Starbucks app leaves passwords vulnerable

January 16, 2014

Starbucks’ mobile app leaves customers’ passwords open to attack, according to a research report.

The popular app, which allows Starbucks SBUX, Fortune 500 customers to purchase drinks and food directly from their smartphones, saves customers’ usernames, passwords and other personal information in plain text. That means a hacker could pick up a...

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