Is RGA’s Chris Christie Letting Scott Walker Hang?

October 26, 2014

This Weekly Standard item raises at least two good questions. Is Chris Christie using his role at the RGA to let Scott Walker hang at a critical juncture? And is the Post’s Robert Costa merely a bad reporter, a dishonest reporter, or the  establishment’s useful idiot given what this says...

Did the EPA Abuse It’s Authority to Influence the 2012 presidential election?

July 24, 2014

Perhaps the better question is, is there a government agency Obama hasn’t exploited for political gain? Full pdf of the Landmark Legal release here.

(LEESBURG, VA) — Landmark Legal Foundation today asked Federal District Judge Royce Lamberth to sanction the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for destroying or failing to preserve emails and...

Wacko Bird Express: McCain to campaign for Thad Cochran

June 19, 2014

Seriously is the NRSC trying to give Republicans a reason to come out and vote against Cochran in the primary? Talk about out of touch.

McCain is heading to the state to campaign for Cochran on Sunday, his campaign confirmed to The Hill.

The Arizona senator is the latest in a parade of...

Democrat Political Operative Running Thad Cochran’s GOTV effort

June 17, 2014

I know it’s not fun to pick on people for their age. Unfortunately, Thad Cochran’s refusal to let go of power all too long past his prime mitigates my concern in that regard. Sources on the ground in MS tell me the Cochran campaign is looking increasingly cartoonish in...

Last Night a Documentary Exposing Kevin McCarthy’s Reckless Spending Won A 2014 RTC Dinner Award

June 13, 2014

One would think the GOP could find a better Majority Leader than Kevin McCarthy, a guy who was labeled as Congress’ worst offender when it comes to frivolous office spending in a news report that won an award at last night’s Radio and Television Correspondents Diner.

But apparently one would be wrong...

Thad Cochran: Forget That I Forgot What I Forgot, I Did!

June 13, 2014

Thad Cochran told Fox News he didn’t know about Eric Cantor losing his primary. Now Cochran’s campaign is pointing out news stories from a few days ago when he acknowledged Cantor’s loss.

In essence, Thad Cochran has just used his own campaign to prove precisely what people are saying about him,...

New Jerseyites can’t wait to get out

June 12, 2014

Last time I went back for a visit, just trying to get around was ridiculous given the traffic. There are still plenty of people there. But between the cost of living and less than ideal business climate, this comes as no surprise to me.

New Jerseyites can’t...

Several Influential Conservatives Favor Comcast Merger

April 8, 2014

Via email. No particular dog in this fight myself; however, I prefer to see business decisions made by business people, not politicians. That sentiment would argue for Congress to stay out of the way and let them do the deal. There’s more detail at link. The submitted letter is here.

Heavyweight conservatives and...

Why Did Dylan Byers Discreetly Change His Mike Rogers Cumulus Story?

March 28, 2014

I’m curious as to why Politico’s Dylan Byers changed the text of this story without noting it, as I’m unclear how this all may bring House ethics rules into play.

Here is how Byers story reads now.

The Michigan Republican and longtime House Intelligence Committee chairman will join Cumulus in 2015,...

Why Romney’s Attack On Obama Is Misguided

March 18, 2014

I was going to let Romney’s misguided attack on Obama go by without comment; however, Mediaite’s Noah Rothman weighed in, so I thought I’d link that and add my two cents.

… Romney marshalled every ounce of that authority when he mounted a multi-pronged attack on the president’s handling of America’s foreign affairs.


Ukraine Calls Up 40,000 Reservists

March 17, 2014

Ukraine’s parliament endorsed a presidential decree Monday to deploy 40,000 reservists to its army and national guard, only hours after Crimea voted to join Russia.

Andriy Paruby, secretary of the Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said 20,000 reservists would be deployed the Ukrainian armed forces and the rest within a newly...

AFP: Ukraine reports Russian ‘invasion’ on eve of Crimea ‘breakaway’ vote

March 15, 2014

It’s on, as they say.

Ukraine accused Russia on Saturday of invading a region bordering Crimea and vowed to use “all necessary measures” to repel an attack that came on the eve of the Black Sea peninsula’s breakaway vote.

The invasion reported by the Ukrainian foreign ministry was small in scale and...

David Jolly Won Despite DC GOP Betrayal

March 13, 2014

Mitch McConnell, the NRSC and below the NRCC would like you to believe it’s those “wacko” conservatives that are bad for the party and divide it. As this Politico item points out, just the opposite is often the case.

Furthermore, the people in the states … you know, where the elections are actually...

But Voted for Governor in 2010: Mummified MI woman Pia Farrenkopf died 6 years ago

March 11, 2014

Unexpectedly, I’m sure….

The woman whose death went unnoticed for six years somehow voted in Michigan’s 2010 gubernatorial election.

Mummified remains were discovered in the Pontiac home belonging to 49-year-old Pia Farrenkopf last week, when a contractor was dispatched to the property when it went into foreclosure.

The remains found in the...

Mitch McConnell’s Poor Leadership Needs To End One Way Or Another

March 10, 2014

There’s a troubling pattern developing with Republican Senator Mitch McConnell here. While I wasn’t a big fan of Ted Cruz’s previous government shutdown strategy, I watched McConnell’s actions in and around it and found his behavior far more troubling than Cruz’s.

In effect, Cruz stood down and the shut down meme should...

Politico Failed to Disclose Lobbying Work of Heritage Critics Steve LaTourette, John Feehery and Brian Walsh

March 6, 2014

Some folks on Twitter may wonder why I’m so hard on some of these GOP hacks. This is why. They pretend to be objective observers. In reality they’re always being paid by someone to advocate this or that point of view. And they’re invariably  for sale to the highest bidder. Beltway...

Mark Levin to Receive ‘Andrew Breitbart Defender of the 1st Amendment Award’ at CPAC

February 25, 2014

Well deserved.

“Mark Levin fearlessly and passionately stands up for conservatives and everyday Americans whose voices the mainstream press often tries to marginalize or silence,” Solov said. “And like Andrew Breitbart, Levin has a way of cutting through the mainstream press’s filter with his words and is never afraid to have arrows...

If Milton Wolf Were A GOP Incumbent, The NRSC Would Be Defending Him

February 24, 2014

I agree with Glenn Reynolds who has more to say at link below. I’ve said the DC GOP and its apparatchiks would prefer a Democrat to a potentially rogue Conservative Republican. I believe that, especially when it comes to clowns like Brad Dayspring of the NRSC.

By the time he and his...

Twerking the Jerk-in-Chief? Miley Cyrus simulates oral sex with Bill Clinton impersonator

February 15, 2014

Monica, is that you?

Miley Cyrus delivered a spectacle with furry creatures, a dwarf, a gigantic hot dog and a back-up dancer dressed up as former US President Bill Clinton.

The 21-year-old was having a good time as she showed off her X-rated moves during the first show  to kick off her Bangerz...

California Court Strikes Down Excessive Concealed Carry Requirement

February 14, 2014

More via the Guardian:

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court in California ruled Thursday that a rigorous “good cause” requirement when applying for a concealed carry permit was too strict and violated Second Amendment rights. The power to issue concealed carry permits to gun owners falls to each individual county in California and...

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