My So Called Blogging Career

April 7, 2012

I didn't go looking for this item further down below from 2008. I had forgotten I'd done it, much like many things over the years. It popped up while researching something else on blogs. It was fun reading for me for several reasons, including the latest MSNBC/NBC story of mine mentioned in John Sexton's item - tipped to me via the Les Jones Blog in a Twitter DM and linked in my initial post. It was also interesting thinking back, as I'm now working as a blogger for Breitbart.

However, the NewsBusters story is actually based on, and links back to, a story published here at two days earlier. In that story, author Dan Riehl highlighted the edit to the Zimmerman 911 tape as it appeared in print at MSNBC.

I had a blog on Blogger, or BlogSpot called "itsjustdan" for a very short time, gone now, before moving here to Typepad. I started blogging over the 2004 Bush re-election effort and it seems my first post here at this site was on September 20, 2004 at 12:43 AM. It was on John Edwards: Senator Ass Pimple Speaks Out. Man, I haven't changed a bit! lol But tell me I wasn't right about him? Anyway, it seems I've been doing this a bit over 7.5 years.

Also of note, in typical low-class democrat fashion, they'll be exploiting more soldiers families in the coming days. Doesn't that make you feel proud. This group will stop at nothing to get elected. On the one hand they undermine the war efforts everyday in the press – next they turn around and exploit the soldiers and their families.

Also as usual, they talk about fearmongering, then turn around and do the same, all while playing the race card, of course. These guys are desperate, as well as disgusting.

Discovering blogs via a Fox News report mention of them, I seem to recall reading Ed Morrisey at his old Captain's Quarters blog one day, thinking, I want to do this. I had no idea where it would lead and some days, I still don't know. That may be one of the things I love about it. It is what you make of it everyday when you get up and start blogging. Plus, you almost aways learn something.

This below appears to have been posted elsewhere in April of 2010. You may find my list of top ten blogs at the time intersting – see previous link. Yes, I did help launch the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation blog as a consultant, among others, racist that I am, according to the left. It was the foundation to raise money for building it at the time, not the memorial, itself, if it matters. The crime blogging period was actually fascinating and where I learned many of the research techniques I've used in my political blogging, ever since.

Dan Riehl studied journalism in college, edited a college paper and went on to a 20 year business career. He began political blogging in early 2004 as a hobbyist. In May 2005 he posted on the Natalee Holloway story at the Blogger News Network. His own blog became one of the highest trafficked due to ongoing coverage, also continuing to post political content. Many crime watchers learned of blogs and political blogs from that. In 2005, an email from Good Morning America requested blog updates at a time when blogs were barely beginning to break the Big Media wall. His readers and commenters ranged from Aruba, to Alabama and Holland, enabling him to regularly break exclusive news from sources close to the story. Before he returned to purely political blogging he had co-operated regularly behind the scenes or on air with MSNBC, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Fox News, People, CNN, ABC and others as a respected reporter with a blog, sharing sources, tips and news as a peer of sorts. That experience shaped his vision of a blog that could co-operate with big media and do real news, often with help from readers and reliable sources he developed on his own.

In 2007 he left business and moved to Washington, D.C. to blog full-time at Riehl World View. Recent posts have resulted in Harvard's Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and other Harvard employees having to amend tax returns due to the misappropriation of charity funds and he has exposed some troubling information behind a blogger in Alaska constantly attacking 2008 Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin. That reporting is ongoing. He consults behind the scenes with political campaigns and also helped launch the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation blog and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers blog through his consulting work.

This is his list of top blogs every conservative should read. Of the list he notes: God Bless America! But as a prospective voter, you're on our own. So, please give it some thought and be sure to read some of the better conservative blogs for their point of view, even if it might not be your own … yet!

Wow! What a long strange trip it's been, … and still going, it seems.

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  1. Steel Turman says:

    Yeah, and you’re still crankin’ after all these years.
    Good on ya, amigo.

  2. Excellent post!
    It’s been a long time for both of us.
    I remember Capts. Quarters, and many other old blogs from 2002 to 2004. 😀
    My first blog from 2002 to 2007, still get visitors, to this day….no doubt all Liberals cranky because they are unable to leave comments to try to refute me for some old essay I wrote in my more political posting days. 😀

  3. sickofrinos says:

    Thanks, for all the work done, informing the public is key.
    Enjoy your work at Brietbart, Whats with the autopsy?

  4. SacTownMan says:

    Although I remember the Hollaway posts I became a regular after the phony Lebanese ambulance story in ’06 and have enjoyed reading you for a long time Dan
    Keep up the good work!!

  5. Captain Joe and Vet4Bush says:

    You were damn good in the crime blog venue, too, Dan. Charles Johnson is knuckle head.

  6. You were damn good in the crime blog venue, too, Dan. Charles Johnson is knuckle head.

  7. Kelly Riehl says:

    Atta boy.