Thursday, October 16th, 2014

There’s been some understandable speculation as to how some things seem to have changed with regard to Obama’s handling of the domestic Ebola crisis in the last 24 hours. An at best seemingly lethargic, when not playing golf, Obama looks fully engaged and a second nurse has been flown to Atlanta. Additionally, various communities and entities – schools and airlines for example – are beginning to look almost hyperactive in their response to the threat. (more…)

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Perhaps the better question is, is there a government agency Obama hasn’t exploited for political gain? Full pdf of the Landmark Legal release here.

(LEESBURG, VA) — Landmark Legal Foundation today asked Federal District Judge Royce Lamberth to sanction the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for destroying or failing to preserve emails and text messages that may have helped document suspected Agency efforts to influence the 2012 presidential election.

 Mark certainly has a way of turning a phrase. heh

“The EPA is a toxic waste dump for lawlessness and disdain for the Constitution,” said Landmark President Mark Levin. “When any federal agency receives a FOIA request, the statute says it must preserve every significant repository of records, both paper and electronic, that may contain materials that could be responsive to that request. When an agency gets sued it must also notify everyone who might be involved in the suit to preserve everything in their possession that could be discoverable in the litigation. But the people at the EPA, from the Administrator on down, think they’re above the law, that no one has the right to question what or how they do their jobs. Well, they’re wrong. The laws apply to everyone, even federal bureaucrats.”

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Seriously is the NRSC trying to give Republicans a reason to come out and vote against Cochran in the primary? Talk about out of touch.

McCain is heading to the state to campaign for Cochran on Sunday, his campaign confirmed to The Hill.

The Arizona senator is the latest in a parade of prominent establishment figures to throw their weight behind Cochran as he attempts to fight off a fierce primary challenge from state Sen. Chris McDaniel (R) ahead of Tuesday’s vote.

More via McCain to hit campaign trail for Cochran | TheHill.

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

I know it’s not fun to pick on people for their age. Unfortunately, Thad Cochran’s refusal to let go of power all too long past his prime mitigates my concern in that regard. Sources on the ground in MS tell me the Cochran campaign is looking increasingly cartoonish in trying to eek out a win in what most are coming to realize is a lost cause. So, no, it doesn’t surprise me that Team Cochran would hire a Democrat named  “Scooby Doo” to work for him at this point.

This is just getting sad….

A Democratic political operative says he is working with Mississippi Conservatives PAC to drum up votes for U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran.

James “Scooby Doo” Warren said he has put together a get-out-the-vote GOTV plan and is “putting it in place across the whole state.” Warren said he is not working with the Cochran campaign itself but for the PAC and Bishop Ronnie Crudup Sr.

Crudup is the pastor at New Horizon Church, which shares an address and chief financial officer with a newly formed super PAC that ran print advertising in the primary supporting Cochran.

More via Democrat says he’s leading black GOTV effort for Cochran.

Sunday, June 15th, 2014


MailOnline, the world’s biggest English language newspaper website, today announced the appointment of Jon Steinberg as its North America Chief Executive Officer.

Jon is a world-leading, senior digital media executive who joins the MailOnline North America from BuzzFeed where he was President & Chief Operating Officer for the past four years.

More via MailOnline hires Jon Steinberg

Video at link below. Bob has never impressed me as the sharpest tack in the pack.

While interviewing Lindsay Graham on “Face the Nation” today, Bob Schieffer flubbed when he said Graham was seeking “path to citizenship for Hispanics.” Except one thing – hispanics aren’t banned from citizenship in America! Geez.

via Another Gaffe | SOOPERMEXICAN.

Saturday, June 14th, 2014


As he was being released from an American detention camp in Iraq in 2009, the man who will go on to head the powerful ISIS group issued a menacing warning to his former captors.

‘I’ll see you guys in New York,’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly told U.S. Army reservists from Long Island who had been guarding him at Camp Bucca near the Kuwaiti border.

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Emboldened militants, backed by Sunni tribal leaders, pushed toward Baghdad on Friday as increasingly nervous U.S. officials mulled their limited options to help slow the militants’ advance.

In recent days, Iran has sent about 500 Revolutionary Guard troops to fight alongside Iraqi government security forces in Diyala province, a senior security official in Baghdad told CNN. However, that claim was rejected by Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

via ISIS militants still pressing forward in Iraq –

One would think the GOP could find a better Majority Leader than Kevin McCarthy, a guy who was labeled as Congress’ worst offender when it comes to frivolous office spending in a news report that won an award at last night’s Radio and Television Correspondents Diner.

But apparently one would be wrong … just as it would be wrong to think this GOP is capable of learning anything from its mistakes at this point.


Via CSPAN- 1, guess what report won an award last night at the 2014 Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner last night? A report of Republican Kevin McCarthy’s big office spending, that’s what. The Washington Post says he’s going to ascend due to his “networking skills.”

That’s just a nice way of saying wasting tax payer dollars if you ask me. Check out this report from last June. The GOP has learned nothing from cantor’s defeat.

The House of Representatives spent nearly $2 million on coffee and food for events in and around the Capitol last year, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, is one of the biggest spenders, according to a new report.

ABC News aired the report Tuesday night, basing it on data collected by the Sunlight Foundation, a watchdog group advocating government transparency.

Last night, they were even laughing about the thought that McCarthy may emerge as the new GOP majority Leader – approximately 32 mins into this  C-SPAN clip from last night.

This GOP seems determined to remain an embarrassment.


Thad Cochran told Fox News he didn’t know about Eric Cantor losing his primary. Now Cochran’s campaign is pointing out news stories from a few days ago when he acknowledged Cantor’s loss.

In essence, Thad Cochran has just used his own campaign to prove precisely what people are saying about him, he’s too old to continue to serve. The establishment GOP only wants him re-elected so he can retire and they can appoint his successor.

That’s not democracy, it’s a party that is trying to use DC-centric power and money to subvert it. Forget that he just finished bizarrely  joking about indecent acts with animals, this guy just doesn’t have it anymore and needs to go.

Here’s what confuses me about the campaign’s response: It actually gives more credence to claims by opponents that Cochran is confused and not “with it” enough to continue in his seat. Opponents say Cochran’s interview with Fox News shows a confused man who can’t remember the most talked-about political event in the country just two days after it happens.

The campaign’s response — hey, Cochran knew about and talked about it with other media — now raises the question, “Why did he say he didn’t know about Cantor losing his seat?”

I think the campaign just made this worse.

More via Did Cochran camp make Fox News faux pas on Cantor worse?.

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Is there anything left of the WH and State Department spin on Beghazi at this point?

A targeting memo sent to the State Department by the Defense Department’s Africa Command two days after the Benghazi attack listed 11 suspects with ties to Al Qaeda and other groups, counter-terrorism and congressional sources confirmed to Fox News.

More via Catherine Herridge Sources: DOD memo sent after Benghazi attack listed suspects with Al Qaeda ties | Fox News.

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Earlier reports indicated it was the horrific nature of the ISIS attacks that caused much of the Iraqi army to flee. These are likely the details behind those reports.

More at link below.

The full horror of the jihadists’ savage victories in Iraq emerged yesterday as witnesses told of streets lined with decapitated soldiers and policemen.

Blood-soaked bodies and blazing vehicles were left in the wake of the Al Qaeda-inspired ISIS fanatics as they pushed the frontline towards Baghdad.

They boasted about their triumphs in a propaganda video depicting appalling scenes including a businessman being dragged from his car and executed at the roadside with a pistol to the back of his head. The extent of the carnage came as:

via ISIS militants march on Baghdad with a bullet in the head for anyone who gets in the way | Mail Online.

And Iran will get a foothold where we least want them to. Thanks for nothing, Barry.

Iranian forces joined Iraq’s battle against insurgents taking over a growing swath of the country as the Baghdad government girded to protect the capital and the U.S. weighed direct military assistance, including possible airstrikes.

Iraq edged closer to all-out sectarian conflict as Kurdish forces took control of a provincial capital in the oil-rich north on Thursday and Sunni militants threatened to march on two cities revered by Shiite Muslims as well as the capital.

More via l – MarketWatch.

Last time I went back for a visit, just trying to get around was ridiculous given the traffic. There are still plenty of people there. But between the cost of living and less than ideal business climate, this comes as no surprise to me.

New Jerseyites can’t wait to get out.

This is the gist of a new PublicMind survey from Fairleigh Dickenson University, which found that more than half of the state’s residents plan to vamoose when they retire.

Many old friends tell me they can’t wait to bail. More via Jaded in Jersey | New York Post.


What would Mitch McConnell and his establishment buddies do with a so-called Tea party candidate who bragged about doing “indecent acts with animals”? Because Thad Cochran did it and they not only support him, Mitch McConnell just raised $825,000 dollars for him at a DC fundraiser. photo credit

Six-term incumbent Thad Cochran is getting a campaign finance boost from the top Senate Republican, while tea party challenger Chris McDaniel continues telling voters that Cochran is failing to fight President Barack Obama’s policies.

via Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell helps raise $825,000 for Thad Cochran

h/t Buzzfeed

“It was an adventure to be out there in the country and to see what goes on,” Cochran said. “Doing all kinds of indecent things to animals.”

Video via Clarion Ledger

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

From some comments via Linked In:

10 years this May

And this from 2012 – yeah, I guess so. And what a long, strange trip it’s been.  I was a real charmer from the git go, huh?

I’m on WordPress now btw. And, no, not done, really. Like an old penny, ya never know where I might turn up. ; )

My So Called Blogging Career

I had a blog on Blogger, or BlogSpot called “itsjustdan” for a very short time, gone now, before moving here to Typepad. I started blogging over the 2004 Bush re-election effort and it seems my first post here at this site was on September 20, 2004 at 12:43 AM. It was on John Edwards: Senator Ass Pimple Speaks Out.

Man, I haven’t changed a bit! lol But tell me I wasn’t right about him? Anyway, it seems I’ve been doing this a bit over 7.5 years.Also of note, in typical low-class democrat fashion, they’ll be exploiting more soldiers families in the coming days. Doesn’t that make you feel proud. This group will stop at nothing to get elected. On the one hand they undermine the war efforts everyday in the press – next they turn around and exploit the soldiers and their families.Also as usual, they talk about fearmongering, then turn around and do the same, all while playing the race card, of course. These guys are desperate, as well as disgusting.

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Via email. No particular dog in this fight myself; however, I prefer to see business decisions made by business people, not politicians. That sentiment would argue for Congress to stay out of the way and let them do the deal. There’s more detail at link. The submitted letter is here.

Heavyweight conservatives and banterweight conservatives are lining up on both sides the Comcast/Time Warner merger.

The heavyweights, which include Grover Norquist at Americans for Tax Reform, Wayne Crews at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Duane Parde at the National Taxpayers Union, have penned a letter to influential Senators including Mike Lee, Chuck Grassley and Ted Cruz, urging them to look past the politics and approve the merger between the two cable giants on traditional grounds—you know, the grounds under which the anti-trust laws were written and passed in the first place?

via Norquist and Other Conservative Heavyweights Jab in Favor of Comcast Merger – John Ransom.

Friday, March 28th, 2014

I’m curious as to why Politico’s Dylan Byers changed the text of this story without noting it, as I’m unclear how this all may bring House ethics rules into play.

Here is how Byers story reads now.

The Michigan Republican and longtime House Intelligence Committee chairman will join Cumulus in 2015, according to a press release. Cumulus is the second-largest radio operator in the country, with 460 stations in 89 markets.

I didn’t screen cap it but I did copy and paste it in an email at 7 Am this morning. This version is also supported by an aggregated version of the story here, which I did screen cap below. Clearly Byers edited his copy in a manner that changes Rogers’ role with Cumulus without noting it.

byers edit

This is how Byers’ story read at 7 AM.

The Michigan Republican and longtime House Intelligence Committee chairman will appear across Cumulus Media programming, according to a press release. Cumulus is the second-largest radio operator in the country, with 460 stations in 89 markets. His item here: Rogers to join Cumulus after leaving office –

Now from the original story Byers linked we get this. So we now have three versions of an apparent deal between Cumulus and a sitting member of Congress. I’ll have to look into that but especially as Cumulus is regulated by the FCC I’m wondering if that passes muster with the House Ethics Committee? I don’t have that answer right now.

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee announced his plans on Friday morning during an interview on Detroit radio station WJR-AM. He says he’ll serve out the end of his term and plans to start a national radio program.

Right-wing harpies are as, if not more annoying than the Left-wing strain due to their hypocrisy. And Twitchy often leads the pack when it comes to being the Twitter outrage police.

This PC speech police nonsense is particularly sad to see on the Right. One can’t hypocritically claim the 2nd Amendment is inviolate, while standing the 1st Amendment on its head because you don’t like what someone else says. And this isn’t mere grievance mongering. This, ultimately, is a form of scalp hunting that can not help but silence speech through fear and intimidation. Those are Leftist tactics and should be shunned by a supposedly liberty loving Right.

More via Michelle Malkin Is Wrong | The American Spectator.

I am a big fan of blogger Michelle Malkin. … But today she got it wrong in her response to an offensive tweet from comedian Stephen Colbert. Well, partially wrong.


Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

I was going to let Romney’s misguided attack on Obama go by without comment; however, Mediaite’s Noah Rothman weighed in, so I thought I’d link that and add my two cents.

… Romney marshalled every ounce of that authority when he mounted a multi-pronged attack on the president’s handling of America’s foreign affairs.

Politically speaking – and Romney’s attack is all about politics – it’s a dumb move regardless of whether Romney is correct or not in his point of view.

I’ve seen nothing to indicate that the American people are interested in an approach to the current situation in the Ukraine other than the relatively weak line Obama seems to be pursuing. In fact, if there were to be some broad public sentiment for a tougher line with Russia, or anyone else internationally for that matter, it would fall to Obama as Commander-In-Chief to create it.

As he hasn’t come close to  doing that, there’s no audience one can reasonably expect to be ripe, ready and/or receptive to Romney’s attack. It shouldn’t take rocket science to understand that going after a sitting president during an international crisis requires at least some amount of battle space preparation, or at least more than Romney undertook by putting it all together and then framing it primarily as an attack – not a case, or rationale for a different approach.

Conversely, he, or surrogates, could have laid a proper predicate for an attack on Obama by first making a strong case for a harder line with Russia, spelling out why it was so critical. But neither Romney, nor anyone else did that. Simply going on offense against a sitting president during a time of international crisis without some reasonably well understood rationale makes one look petty and feeds into Rothman’s argument.

In short, instead of framing the piece as mostly an attack on Obama, it could have been framed first and foremost as a call for a stronger foreign policy, with any criticism of Obama implied, but not primary, or overdone. That may have been a bit of shrewd messaging leaving Obama looking weak and ineffective without going out of one’s way to say so. But then, as we learned in 2012, messaging has never been team Romney’s strong suit.

Consequently, I think they blew this opportunity and mainly played into Obama’s hands, just as they all too often did when it really mattered back in 2011 and 2012 – at least to the extent anyone outside of the GOP still cares what Romney thinks at this point. I’m not sure anyone really does. He had the platform and plenty of chances to make his case against Obama two years ago. If he couldn’t do it then under those conditions, there’s little reason to think he of all people can achieve it, now.

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